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Design of the Month – June 2023

Pig Pickin’

A banjo shirt design of a pig playing the banjo with the words pig pickin'

June’s banjo shirt design of the month is inspired by North Carolina-style pulled-pork BBQ (the best in the land!) and its wonderful pairing with banjo music. If you resonate with the words “low and slow”, “vinegar-based sauce”, or “bluegrass and barbeque” (or maybe you just like fun pig art), then this is the banjo shirt for you.

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A sketch of girl sitting on a chair playing the banjo for her white dog (maybe a bichon frise or a poodle). She is radiating musical notes and surrounded by a cloud-like frame.
“Just A Girl And Her Dog (And A Banjo)”
An abstract black-and-white design of a banjo surrounded by musical notes, birds, and other nature designs.
“Banjo, Naturally”
A cute sloth sitting within a circular frame adorned with leaves playing the banjo with the words "Slow Jam" above.
“Slow Jam”
An anthropomorphic, cheerful goat wearing a vest and tie while playing the banjo framed by a circular banjo head.
“Baaanjo Picker”
A cute, brown cartoon monkey holding a banjo while walking.
“Banjo Bonobo”
A brown bear smiling while holding a banjo framed by a circular banjo head with the word "clawhammer" beneath.
“Clawhammer Banjo”
A graphic of a unicorn playing the banjo framed by a colorful rainbow
“Rainbows, Unicorns (And Banjos!)”
A graphic of El Musico from Loteria holding a banjo
“El Banjoista”
A group of products from banjo shirts showing a banjo dress, banjo socks, and a banjo hawaiian shirt along with a close-up of the funky colorful pattern on each
Banjos All-Over!
Banjo shirt design with a pig playing the banjo with the words "Pig Pickin"
“Pig Pickin'”

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